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About Heartfelt

Mary Vale’s Heartfelt album offers a reflective, meditative, and calming arrangement of 12 wonderfully crafted voices and instrumental ballads. Mary Vale is a new singer-songwriter who began her musical formation studying violin under Howard Weiss, Concertmaster of the Rochester Philharmonic, and played violin as a student in the McGill University Orchestra. She also studied under the acclaimed Montreal/Moscow Violinist, Hratchia Sevadjian, and the International Jazz Singer, Johanna Sillanpaa. Born and raised in Rochester, NY, to an Italian/American family, she later married and immigrated to Canada; Mary resides in Calgary, Alberta, with her husband and family. Her album reflects on her life’s journey, with all its unique joys and sorrows. She writes “Wedding Song” to honor her eldest daughter’s wedding. She pays tribute to her family and people affected by the 2016 Ft. McMurray Fire with “I Will Remember” and Rona Ambrose’s heartfelt address to Parliament. The listeners sense deep emotion and resolve as they navigate each track from beginning to end. Indeed, the album is aptly named “Heartfelt.” 

The album “Heartfelt” is truly an Alberta-made project. Acclaimed Photographer Harder Lee and Artistic Graphics Designer Michael Dangelmaier carefully curated the album composition. Mary’s Producer and Lead Guitarist are Aaron Young, and the members of the Ghost Boys Band who provide backup with upright bass, violin, mandolin, and voice. Aaron Young‘s voice is featured in Mary’s ballad “Sometimes I Fall Down”. 

It is an elegant and peaceful album, perhaps a thoughtful story at this time of Covid, ” Me Too Movement,” and general unsettledness in the world. Mary will dedicate some of the proceeds to the United Way who supports many humanitarian causes. 

*Please note an iconic photo on the 3rd panel of the cd/album of the 2016 Ft.McMurray fire, taken onboard a Westjet mercy flight by flight attendant Jasmine Serkan who volunteered that day to evacuate people.

When you’re loved by others your life is never your own.






The album

Featured Album


I Will Remember
The Road Ahead
Mar Ocular
Nice English Lady
Barons Lullaby
Lost Time
Sometimes I Fall Down - Featuring Aaron Young
Meeting You
Wedding Song
Soul Awakening
So Senseless
Until The Next Time

Mastering & Production by Seth Goldberg at DMA Disks, Vancouver, BC | Photography by Harder Lee Photography, Calgary, AB | Fort McMurray Fire Photo by Jasmine Serka | CD Design & Art Direction by Michael Dangelmaier at Red Pine Design, Calgary, AB


Mary Vale – Singer, Songwriter, Guitar
Aaron Young – Producer, Lead Guitarist, Vocals
Jason Valleau – Upright Bass
Denis Dufresne – Violin, Mandolin
Adrian Alvarado Azofeifa – Songwriter (Tracks 03, 12)
Andrea Marie Vale – Assistant Lyricist (Track 01)
Grace Hruchuck – Assistant Lyricist (Track 05)

Saturday, September 29th, 2021
Mary Vale, Espresso Bar – Calgary, AB.

Wednesday, October 17th, 2021
Mary Vale, Upstairs Jazz Club – Montreal, QC

Saturday, October 20th, 2021
Mary Vale, Hotel Claredon – Québec City, QC







I had the pleasure to work with Mary Vale in Montreal for long years as her violin teacher, where she impressed me with her remarkable progress. Lately, she has sent me her recordings where she sings and accompanies herself with the guitar, which was quite a surprise for me. She has a gorgeous and velvety voice, as well as an exquisite musical taste. Considering her passionate commitment to arts, particularly music, she has all the potential to become one of our remarkable artists.

Thank You

Thanks to all the people involved. The musicians, Clara, Meg, Carol, “ Robin & The Mary Band of Ladies”, Rona Ambrose (inspiring girls, women, gender equality, and the power of “sisterhood”), the many friends and family who supported me on this musical journey and provided the inspiration, love, and perseverance to complete this album. I owe all of you my “Heartfelt thanks”.